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Shopcrackersonline.com is used for the limited personal use and not for any commercial purposes. If you are ready to purchase the best crackers online from our site, then you subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing and ordering Diwali/Deepavali crackers from us, you agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy listed out on the website.

In the case of disagreement, you are not asked to use our services, and shopcrackersonline.com have the full rights to change the terms and conditions of the website anytime. We request our customers to be updated and be aware of the changes made in terms & conditions and Privacy Policies. Here you go for our terms & Conditions

  • shopcrackersonline.com accepts the crackers orders only from Chennai, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.
  • The Minimum order amount you can purchase firecrackers is Rs 2500/-
  • Promised Door Delivery available for Chennai and free shipping for the purchases over Rs 3000/-, no extra charges will be collected from the consumers during the delivery.
  • We have only sell products for Tamil Nadu.
  • Third party agencies will take care of the delivery process.
  • Diwali Special sale is getting closed on Oct 10, 2017
  • The promotional pricing to buy crackers from shopcrackersonline.com ends on Oct 1, 2017
  • Once ordering, the consumers will get the payment details, estimated delivery, and order copy to your email.
  • The crackers you purchased will be delivered only after the payment is made.
  • You will be able to make the payment within 72 hours of ordering.
  • The purchased crackers will be delivered in the waterproof bags.
  • Shopcrackersonline.com is not responsible for any damage during the transportation; still, we do offer the products with care by our vigilant and continuous monitoring.
  • Your crackers will be door delivered at the right time, the maximum duration for delivery around Tamil Nadu will take four days.
  • The amount displayed on our website shopcrackersonline.com gets changes based on the market price.
  • The image you see on the site may differ from the delivered products due to the photography designs and lights.
  • The process of ordering other than the required states will be canceled automatically, and your amount will be refunded within 14 business days.
  • If our customer’s service numbers are busy, you can email to Sales@shopcrackersonline.com
  • In the case of stock unavailability, shopcrackersonline.com has all the rights to cancel the order. In these cases, the payment will be refunded within 14 business days.
  • There are no ways to cancel your ordered products.

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Intellectual Property Policy

There is an immense respect for others. Intellectual property from shopcrackersonline.com and the same is expected from our customers too. For the commercial purposes, we may link or contains other website links in our site, shopcrackersonline.com does not take responsibility for loss or damages by using the site.


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