Safety Precautions

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Dos and Don’ts during cracker bursting

Crackers are good, but it also has the harmful causes if you are not making use of it correctly, Here are some of the safety precautions you need to follow while bursting crackers.

The Do’s

Make sure you are aware of the following safety tips before you start burning crackers.

  • Double check whether you are getting the Diwali/Deepavali Crackers from the Licensed seller of Manufacturer.
  • Every cracker differs in the usage, read the instructions carefully before you burst crackers and follow all the safety tips while using the firecrackers.
  • Make sure you are bursting crackers in open spaces like streets, playgrounds, open fields, etc.
  • While bursting crackers, the gap you stand from the cracker should be at least your arm’s length to avoid the major injuries.
  • Keep a bucket of water for discarding the used firecrackers immediately.
  • Wear cotton or thick clothes if you are ready to burst crackers.
  • Wearing footwear is mandatory during bursting crackers to avoid stamping over the burst crackers.
  • Only one cracker needs to be burst at a time.
  • In the case of aerial fireworks, make sure you are taking the required precautions, and it should not point out any parked vehicles or opened windows.
  • Do not light aerial crackers in the hut area.
  • Using sparklers for lightening the firecrackers is good.

The Don’ts

Proceed below to find out the things you should not do while bursting crackers.

  • Experimenting the crackers is a bad idea, do not attempt them as they are chances for bursting when you go near.
  • Do not prepare homemade fireworks as there are high chances for bursting out.
  • Do not hold and ignite the fireworks.
  • Never keep your face close to the crackers during lightning.
  • You should not allow your children to burst crackers alone, make sure there is any adult standing and watching them.
  • Do not put fireworks in your pocket.
  • Never wear a nylon or lose hanging clothes
  • Do not throw fireworks on other people.
  • Do not keep the fireworks near any burning materials or Diyas.
  • Never burst crackers within the fire source or inside the home.
  • Do not burst crackers in congested places or narrow lanes.
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