01- Special Mega Gift Box

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Overall value of this special mega gift box is over 9000 INR. In places like chennai, bangalore and trivandrum they pay over 12,000 for these items. It comes at just 5000 rs + shipping for our customers.

Sri vijaya Ground chakkar big-2
Standard Red and Green Chakkar-2
Standard Zamin Chakkar big-2
Standard Zamin Chakkar Asoka-2
Sri Vijaya Ground Chakkar Special-2
Standard Mega twister big -2
Standard Green Spin-2
Ragu Kitkat-2
Ragu Showers-1
Color Splash-1
Ragu Fountain-2
Standard Color changing butterfly-1
Standard Flower pots small-2
Standard Disco flash-2
Standard Golden whistle Giant-1
Standard Crackling Sparklers 15 cm-2
Standard Lavendar Sparklers-1
Standard Export sparklers 15 cm-1
standard money spinner-1
standard mini fountain purple-1
standard bobby gold sparkler 7 cm-2
standard crackling sparkler 7 cm-2
sukhi fire pencil-2
standard fire pencil-2
standard jade flowers- 1 box
standard the great splendour-1
Sri vijaya flower pot special-1
sri vijaya flower pot big-1
Standard mine of serpants-1
sukhis- Paris festival-2
sukhis- twinkling star small-2
standard whistle sparklers-1
Standard multi color candles-2
standard tri color sparklers millenium special-1
standard herculus crackers-2
standard 2 sound cracker-2
Standard Garden of eden (or other sky shot)-1
Ragu baby rocket-1
Standard rainbox rocket-1
Ragu rocket bomb-1
Standard Bomb Rocket-1
Standard Peacock bijili-1
Ragu Deluxe Lakshmi-1
Standard Peacock crackers-2
Standard Lakshmi crackers-2
Ragu Double deluxe crackers-2
Standard Bunker or other sky shot-1
Standard kuruvi- 25 Packets
Standard Medium Electric strings-1
Standard Mine of crackers-1
Standard Bullet bombs-2
Ragu Dragon fights-2
Kargil Bullets-2


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