Celebrate Diwali Like Lights Of Festivals

We are not going to celebrate just any trivial festival. We are about to celebrate the festival of lights. True to the name, it is very important for anyone to illuminate their home. Nothing can illuminate the world beyond the brilliance of the sun. So, we don’t have to think about the day and all we need to focus on is the night time. How can you make your home brighter when compared to your neighbor’s house on the night of Diwali? Here are some perks which you might need to keep your home scintillating in that dark night.

  1. Decorative lamps

Recent advancements in science have given rise to many types of lights which are especially used for ornamental purposes. It includes the colorful LED lamps which are available in rolls. You can get some of them and hang it over your home and make it look attractive. Don’t go for colors like white and yellow as they get seem to be dull. Select colors like red, green, blue, pink etc. Note that when you use blue color LED s due to scattering effect you’ll be able to see just blue rays around the LED lamp. But, that texture also adds beauty to which it is installed.

  1. Lanterns

Lanterns are not only popular in China, but also they have conquered the thoughts of folks in various countries. Basically, lanterns are bright lights which have been covered by upholstery. This upholstery is usually a paper, card or a stiff chart which makes various designs when the lantern is switched ON. There are also lanterns which are made up of mild garments. Garments with mild thickness can also be used as upholstery for the lanterns. If you think that you cannot afford that much money, you can go for glittering color papers to make a DIY lantern.

  1. Glass bottle lamps

There are glass bowls and small bottles which are sold in the market. Get some of them and hang it in front of your veranda. But what is the source of illumination for such lamps?  It is an ordinary clay lamp which is kept inside these glass bowls. Glass bottles are also used as DIY illumination, but how can you place a lamp from its top? Don’t get confused. The base region of the glass bottle has openings for that. When you hang those craft items, make sure you hang them in such a way that they don’t hit each other.

  1. Paper lamps

Paper lamps can be formed by arranging various modeled paper crafts around a lamp. Don’t use clay lamps for this purpose and I don’t have to say what will happen next. This kind of DIY crafts can be done around a light sphere to get a perfect result. You can also use the paper cups to form paper lamps. Some folks create various patterns in different color papers and place the light ball in the middle and the light produced by that DIY light would be mesmerizing. Try to do some DIY paper lamps also.

  1. Clay lamps

The lamps of this type are predominantly used all over the world at times of festivals. As the name suggests, clay lamps made of clay. You also have polished lamps which exist in the market. Although these lamps are cheap, it is good to check the lamp for any cracks and holes. Pour enough oil and arrange them along the length of your pavement and compound wall. The arrangement of such lamps in a line shall make your home look unique and well illuminated from other neighboring houses. Also, make sure that you don’t face your clay lamp in the southern direction as the south is the direction of Yamaraj. In case if your house is facing the southern direction, just turn your lamp and let it glow facing northwards. I hope that makes sense because people can see only the flame at night and not the lamp.

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