Yummy Diwali Recipes For This Year

Desserts are the highlights of Indian festival. No celebration is complete without the touch of delicious sweets. It adds more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. Diwali light up your homes with these festive dessert recipes, also bright clay diyas, attractive lights and beautiful rangolis give a festive mood.

People celebrate all three days of Diwali by preparing and distributing a variety of tasty foods including sweet dishes. Lots of sweets, lots of delicious food that you are the tie to love festivals. Here are some best recipes that you can try at home and make the best of this Diwali.  Take a look at these recipes and have a delicious food for this Diwali.

Best recipes to cook for Diwali:

Diwali is the most favorite festival of India, and it is the great occasion to get together with all your near and dear ones. Children look forward to bursting the crackers and everyone will be happy to wear new clothes and items for the home to welcome goddess, Lakshmi.

Do have any idea about the best way to celebrate Diwali? Here is the answer; Diwali is the celebration of lights with gifts, sweets, and snacks to your friends and family to get a good hope in the coming year. There are many easy Diwali recipes to make at home and celebrate the festival in style.

Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun is evergreen and everyone’s favorite sweet dish. It is a home-made sweet which is made from Maida, sugar, milk. Compared to other dishes, making Gulab Jamun is very easy. It is one of the classic Indian desserts usually enjoyed during festive occasions.

delicious diwali

It is very simple to prepare this sweet, just take the required quantity of sugar and water in a pan, and give some time to boil on high flame. The sugar must dissolve completely. Next, add few milk and cardamom seeds to the sugar water also put a pinch of saffron powder for giving appetizing color.

Just take required Maida and baking soda in a medium-size bowl. Give good mixes of both ingredients add a teaspoon of milk and blend them together to make the soft and smooth dough. The dough should be very soft to avoid cracking while deep frying, heat ghee in a pan and cook until it becomes golden brown. Allow the balls to immerse in sugar syrup and rest for 30 minutes; it soaks well in that syrup. After that, the sweet will be ready to serve.


Paani Poori:

It is one of the best Indian street snacks which are loved by everyone. It looks very small, rounded shaped crispy puris, which is completely filled with various spices and water. Just make this recipe at home and fill it with spicy Paani. You can use boiled and mashed potatoes, chickpeas along with sweet and spicy chutneys for stuffing to enjoy this snack.

To make Paani, mix all the ingredients together make it cool for few minutes and then serve. To fill the stuff within the Poori, make a small hole in the center of the thinner side of the Poori and close it with mashed potatoes as well as chickpea to add a flavor.


diwali special


Now, you can pour Paani and eat the whole Poori immediately.  You can serve it either as a breakfast or lunch, it is a nice combination of Maida and mint leaves. It is a better snack for the evening of Diwali to make a balance between the dishes. You can easily make this fresh, flavorsome dish in a home.

Kaju Pista Rolls:

During Diwali celebrations, these cashew and milk based sweet truly make you happy when you eat. They are so easy to prepare at home less than an hour. You need cashew nuts, pistachios, ghee, milk powder, sugar powder, cardamom powder, condensed milk, and rosewater.  It’s very simple to do this, grind the cashews and pistachios gently into a fine powder. In a hot pan, add ghee and condensed milk, as well as powdered cashews, stir well to combine.

kaju pista roll

Then add milk powder, rose water, and start to cook this mixture until it becomes a soft dough. Now, stop the heat and transfer this to another plate. To make the dough, just mix powdered pistachios and other powders.

It must well mix with all the ingredients, after completing this process, take a rolling board and spread a sheet over it. Use a rolling pin to roll the Kaju in a rectangular sheet. Cut the whole sheet as your wish and make a Kaju Pista roll. Now, this dish is ready to serve!

Wrapping Up!

Enjoy the festive season with delicious recipes. Make sure you get quality ingredients and serve your loved ones to stay happy. Sweets are extremely tasty and perfect to serve in any occasion, festival, and other parties. It makes you cherish and happy for the whole day!

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