Popular and Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Decorating is always an interesting task for anyone in this world. No one in a house can keep themselves away from taking part in decorating their house. Decorating your house for this Diwali should be done in a different way when compared to any other Diwali you have enjoyed so far.

Decorations can be done by using different items like garlands, flowers, water fountains, DIY kits, dolls, banners etc. Note that these items can show their beauty only in the daytime. Once the daylight goes out, you should rely on lights to decorate your home. Don’t you remember that Diwali is celebrated at night? What are you going to do to illuminate your house on the night of Diwali? Here some tips which you can go through to make your home glow at night.

  1. Clay lamps or Diya

You may have emergency lights at home which you use when there is a power cut at night. Have you noticed that the illumination brought inside your home by a clay lamp cannot be felt when you switch on your expensive emergency lamp? From this, you can infer, that the illumination brought in by a clay lamp is always superior to the recent inventions. Arrange clay lamps or diyas in your compound wall, terrace walls, and wherever you think they might be suitable. The tiny dots of flames igniting your house when seen from a particular distance is really a fabulous scene to enjoy

  1. Lanterns

Apart from simple clay lamps, you can use lanterns with a transparent or translucent upholstery. Such lanterns which are covered display only the color of the upholstery rather than illuminating the house. Step ahead and hang many lanterns on the pavement of your house to draw the attention of all your neighbors. Remember you can also use brightly colored papered to produce vivid colors of light.

  1. Floating candles

As you know candles are ordinary household items which we use at home when the power goes off. But, do you know that they can be used for decoration purposes? Floating candles cannot be used outside the home because they need to be handled with more care. So, they can be used very well in your home.

Place a brass vessel in your yard. Light some candles inside a brass vessel which you have and pour some water into it slowly. A minimum amount of water inside the vessel can make your candles glow for a long time. You can also use flower petals to cover the surface of the water which provides the vessel with a splendid look.  Make sure that you don’t splash the water by any means and if you do so, the whole room shall be a mess.

  1. Rangoli

Another interesting technique to decorate your home is by drawing rangoli. Check out some gorgeous rangoli patterns from the internet and try it first on a piece of paper. If you think you can draw it well, then check your yard and match the size of the rangoli to the yard. If you think, you can accommodate your rangoli within that space you can go for that.

Precision is the main factor to remember before you start drawing a rangoli. So, try not to make any mistake while you draw it. Once you complete your rangoli with the basic color, then you can fill out the chambers with appropriate colors. Suggest warm colors in order to make your rangoli look bright.

  1. Flower decorations

Can you ever imagine a festival without garlands and flowers? Does that make sense to you? Certainly, your answer is a big no. Isn’t it? Try different types of flower stringing technique before Diwali arrives and make it work. I hope you need at least a week to learn a new stringing technique. Decorate your veranda, terrace, and pedestals with different colors of flowers to attract people.

Once you have completed your floral decorations I am sure you’ll have some excess flowers. Don’t worry! You can draw a small flower rangoli inside your house using those flowers. Probably, you can make your flower rangoli near your pooja room. Try not to make it outside your home because it can be easily tainted by the remnants of burst crackers and also the rangoli can be swept away by the wind.

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