Amazing Ideas To Decorate This Diwali Superior

The festival of light is all about decorating and enhancing the festive touch to your homes. Wherever you look, you are greeted with pretty lights, lamps, and beautiful rangoli.  This festival of lights is celebrated and awaited occasions in India.

Lighting diyas, making rangoli designs, putting up lanterns are some of the ways to decorate your homes and celebrate this festival. So take your pick and start decorating! It is the time to cherish and decorate your home to add the cheer. You can always mix two or three ideas together and come up with something unique!

Decorative Lamps:

Diwali lanterns are lamps are available in a variety of shapes and it may be made from the material like brass, marble, clay, paper, glass etc. they turn the room brighter in an artistic manner. Diwali lamps are a wonderful gift for those wishing to redecorate their house. There is nothing as versatile as fairy lamps and lights. All you need to do is to pick a spot and start lighting up. The surrounding will look brighter and better for the whole night.


Candles bring a beautiful look to the surrounding with their light. It is available in different size, shape, aroma, and materials you choose should suit your décor need. The designer candle is a very important item to be marked in Diwali decorative items. It gives an attractive and illuminating look to the house and creates a calm as well as soothing atmosphere. It is also possible to light the floating candles in a glass pot filled with water and decorated by flower petals.

Diwali Diyas:

Diwali is celebrated with a row of lamps. Just brighten up simple diyas and candles with beautiful colors and glitters. You can make diyas more creative using flour dough, egg shells, fruit peels. Take the earthen lamps during Diwali celebration and also get creative paints with glitter.

Decorate them the way you like and light up the house with them. Instead of using the same diyas, you can add your own special touch and fragrance to diyas by decorating with bright flowers.


The traditional rangoli gets a twist as you can fix different elements inside the pattern like earthen lamps, pots, diyas etc. you can also get creative with designs you are making. No Diwali celebration is complete without a touch of rangoli.

You can use a combination of vibrant colors or flowers to fill the space inside the pattern. You can pick fresh flowers or use artificial flowers to fulfill the décor. These can be used to improve the rangoli décor or can be hanged along the door or just can be plucked and put in water. It is to give a floating effect.

Balloon Twine lights:

These lights give a beautiful and elaborate touch to your home décor. The balloon lights are simple and easy to make. Instead of just putting the strings get innovative with a light of bulbs. You can cut these into different shapes and attach them into individual bulbs. Door hangings are also important of all Diwali decorative items. These are used to decorate the entrance door to welcome the goddess, Lakshmi. As the festival is a traditional one, this light adds an ethnic touch to the home.

Wrapping Up:

The above-mentioned decorations are easy to make, and it can add a beautiful touch to your setting. There are so many ways to beautify your home. Hope you will have great fun to do it. Wishing you all a happy and safe Diwali!

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