How To Celebrate Diwali?

Diwali, the festival of lights is the chance for people to have a wonderful time with their family and friends. You can dress up with new clothes, light up diyas everywhere and burst crackers and sparkles. Light small lamps around the home and turn all the lights on, these lamps eliminate the darkness as well as ignorance.

Diwali is celebrated by lighting earthen diyas or lamps, decorating the house and bursting firecrackers. The most relevant part of this festival is sending gifts to your loved ones. There are traditional offerings for Diwali and are given as gifts like sweets, desserts, crackers and many other things. Most of them prepare for the festival by cleaning and decorating their homes and take part in family puja, or prayers to the goddess Lakshmi.

  1. Light Lamps:

Diwali is the wonderful festival of lights. You can arrange a series of traditional lamps around the house, inside as well as outside. It is a great idea to involve all your friends and family members for lighting. All lamps must be lit together so you need the help of everyone which is a great opportunity to reunite with one another. These lamps can brighten your home and give the festive mood to you.

The quickest and easiest way to show that you celebrate Diwali is to light lanterns and candles in front of your home. Of course, Crackers can give more enjoyment and fun but the lighting lamp is very important to get together.

  1. Diwali special puja:

At the time of Diwali, you may need to purify your house. Clean the area properly or collect water from the Ganga River to purify the surrounding. A special puja is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi in the evening. She is worshipped by everyone to bring good luck and prosperity. Diwali is a festival that enlightens us.

It also brings joy and wealth which is why people pray to the goddess Lakshmi on this day.  This particular festival brings together people from culture; people take out time to meet each other and they can pray for gaining all wealth. One should fast the whole day and after the sun sets, should pray to her.

  1. Decorate your home:

On Diwali day, a house must be cleaned and decorated with colorful rangoli artworks. The patterns can be created on the floor using colored rice or powder. Cleaning the home and giving it a complete makeover is the best way to unite your family. By doing this, your home may get a new look and appearance. It is also good to change the old bed sheets and drapes or moving the furniture around. Make the entrance to your home more colorful and bright with the help of vibrant rangoli patterns, you can also use flowers to fill the space. Decorating your home brings a lot of laughter and chatter in the house and gives a festive mood.

  1. Bake traditional sweets:

At home, you can make traditional sweets, snacks and savories like burfi, ice-cream, fried cake, jelabi, sweet butter cake for this occasion and let the aromas fill your home. You can prepare various sweets and exchange it with families and friends to share the love and joy.

There will be a lot of sweets so it may be enjoyable to keep sweet-eating competition for the whole family. This can make you feel happy and excited for the whole day. Everyone loves to eat delicious items; even children like to have their favorite dish on this occasion. Prepare healthy food to stay happy and energetic.

  1. Exchange gifts:

The main reason for exchanging gifts and sweets on Diwali is to build the relation of love, sweetness, bonding, and to enhance affection between one another. Diwali is a day of sharing, but when you choose gifts for your loved ones, try to celebrate it as an eco-friendly Diwali. Gifts are the perfect way to express your joyous feeling for the one who is going to receive.

It is a unique way in which personal, social as well as business ties are made stronger. Make Diwali as the best chance to show your love to everyone who is very close to you. There are many options to gift like chocolates, sweets, decorative items, Diwali diyas and many more items.

Final Words:

Diwali is a time for reunions. It is one of the biggest festivals; Diwali means a row of lighted earthen lamps. The light could remove the darkness and exchange of gifts is the popular traditions of this festival.

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