Diwali Decoration Ideas For Home

It’s Diwali time! Are you getting your home ready for celebration? Cleaning, whitewashing, buying new materials to welcome the festival is a real taste of humor. Wait a minute! Do you think just by cleaning and whitewashing or painting your house you don’t have to decorate further? If yes, then you are wrong. I am not telling you to buy costly items to decorate your home, but you can use very simple items and make your own DIY decorative items for your home. In this article, I have listed various decorative features and ideas in order to make your home look better. Scroll your mouse for better ideas.

  1. Curtain lights

When you look at anyone’s house at night the first and the foremost thing which you notice is the light. Even if you are not able to see the light, you can see the illuminated windows. This is a common thing which happens to anyone. When it comes to Diwali, the houses shall be illuminated with extraordinary lighting features. How are you going to make the lightings of your house unique? Hope you have windows and curtains in your house. Hang colorful led lights vertically along the drape of the curtains so that the light would get mingled with the drapes and so it becomes more realistic. Try this for the upcoming Diwali.

  1. Flower curtains

Of course, your lawn would have a good number of trees and bushes and so far it had been looking green. Let us change the color theme in your park. Get some warm colored flowers which are bright. String them appropriately and hang them in your garden vertically and make a flower curtain. If you can, you can also go for patterns in your curtain. I am sure that your flower curtain will draw immense attention and make you feel proud.

  1. Torans

Not only the exterior but also the interior of the house needs adequate decoration. At the entrance of each door, you can simply hang two long garlands, one at each side which gives a feel of enjoyment to anyone who passes through the door. You can also hang torans at the entrance of the doors with attractive flowers and leaves. Traditionally, we have a habit of stringing mango leaves to make torans. But, today plastic torans are used to serve that purpose. In my perspective, it is better to avoid plastic torans and go for natural ones so as to get the blessings of the deities.

  1. Lanterns

Covering a small lamp with paper, garments etc can make a lantern. This patterned lamp when switch ON produces a particular pattern which gives a special outlook on your home. You can also go for readymade lanterns available at the market or you can make your own DIY lanterns. Some people make lanterns in plastic cups, glass bottles and in such other common items which they have at home. Such innovative ideas with common articles can also be welcomed.

  1. Rangoli & Diyas

Nothing can leverage the look of your house as a colorful rangoli in front of your home. Usually, houses which are available in the congested areas would not be admired by anyone who passes by. How can you attract people, if you are such an inhabitant? It is the rangoli and the Diya lamps which decorates your house in such a situation. Opt for bright colored powder for the rangoli and use them lavishly to bring out a better rangoli. Also, while lighting the Diya lamps make sure that they are arranged in an order to get a fascinating and appealing look.

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