Special Diwali Lamp & Importance Of Diya

Diwali is the festival of lights. In India, this tradition is followed by all; everyone celebrates this festival by making rangoli, lighting up earthen lamps, preparation of dessert items and decorating the home with flowers.

Most of them worship goddess Lakshmi on Diwali day and they believe that she offers prosperity and wealth for the whole year. Now, some artificial lights such as crackers and glittering lights have been added to the festival.

Clay Diya symbolizes knowledge. We light the lamp to bow down to knowledge as the greatest of all forms of wealth. It removes darkness as well as ignorance from all of us.

Why do you light lamps during Diwali:

Diwali is a popular festival which is celebrated either in the month of October or November. Diwali means ‘row of lamps’ so lamps are the most important part in this festival. On Diwali day, each house will look bright with oil lamps, candles, and colorful lights. But traditionally earthen lamps are lit up along with cotton wicks in most of the houses.

Clay lamps or diyas are filled with mustard oil and are placed around the entrance of houses on the night before the new moon. The lamps celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after he defeated the demon Ravana in SriLanka.

In Hindu epic, everyone welcomes Lord Rama by lamps when they return to Ayodhya. Diyas are also a sign of the goddess Lakshmi and she offers fortune and prosperity to her devotees on that great day.

Clay Diyas:

Clay diyas are often used for Diwali and other grand festivals to offer lights. It only enlightens your surroundings but also make the place full of energy and happiness. It is good to use earthen lamps instead of other lamps made of metals. It is a good way of removing ignorance and evil from the place. Ghee is one of the best things to lighten the earthen lamps because it exhales a lot of oxygen and purifies the surroundings.

Importance of Lamps:

It represents knowledge, hope, peace, happiness, prosperity, truth as well as health. Diyas is the symbol of enlightenment and it is good to light up diya in morning and evening at homes. Lighting up of diyas gives the spiritual feel that one should get rid of bad thoughts and it shows the path of light and to unite with everyone.

Diyas encourage everyone to choose the safe road in life that leads to peace of mind and soul. During this festival, family and friends share sweets and gifts and it is also a tradition for homes to be cleaned and new clothes to be worn. It symbolizes truth and winning of truth over evil.

Final Words:

Lighting up of lamps on Diwali night is not only used for decoration but also hold a greater spiritual significance. One lamp is capable to light many other lamps without affecting its own light. It has its own values. This five-day festival is celebrated by millions of people to light over the darkness and good over evil.


How To Celebrate Diwali?

Diwali, the festival of lights is the chance for people to have a wonderful time with their family and friends. You can dress up with new clothes, light up diyas everywhere and burst crackers and sparkles. Light small lamps around the home and turn all the lights on, these lamps eliminate the darkness as well as ignorance.

Diwali is celebrated by lighting earthen diyas or lamps, decorating the house and bursting firecrackers. The most relevant part of this festival is sending gifts to your loved ones. There are traditional offerings for Diwali and are given as gifts like sweets, desserts, crackers and many other things. Most of them prepare for the festival by cleaning and decorating their homes and take part in family puja, or prayers to the goddess Lakshmi.

  1. Light Lamps:

Diwali is the wonderful festival of lights. You can arrange a series of traditional lamps around the house, inside as well as outside. It is a great idea to involve all your friends and family members for lighting. All lamps must be lit together so you need the help of everyone which is a great opportunity to reunite with one another. These lamps can brighten your home and give the festive mood to you.

The quickest and easiest way to show that you celebrate Diwali is to light lanterns and candles in front of your home. Of course, Crackers can give more enjoyment and fun but the lighting lamp is very important to get together.

  1. Diwali special puja:

At the time of Diwali, you may need to purify your house. Clean the area properly or collect water from the Ganga River to purify the surrounding. A special puja is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi in the evening. She is worshipped by everyone to bring good luck and prosperity. Diwali is a festival that enlightens us.

It also brings joy and wealth which is why people pray to the goddess Lakshmi on this day.  This particular festival brings together people from culture; people take out time to meet each other and they can pray for gaining all wealth. One should fast the whole day and after the sun sets, should pray to her.

  1. Decorate your home:

On Diwali day, a house must be cleaned and decorated with colorful rangoli artworks. The patterns can be created on the floor using colored rice or powder. Cleaning the home and giving it a complete makeover is the best way to unite your family. By doing this, your home may get a new look and appearance. It is also good to change the old bed sheets and drapes or moving the furniture around. Make the entrance to your home more colorful and bright with the help of vibrant rangoli patterns, you can also use flowers to fill the space. Decorating your home brings a lot of laughter and chatter in the house and gives a festive mood.

  1. Bake traditional sweets:

At home, you can make traditional sweets, snacks and savories like burfi, ice-cream, fried cake, jelabi, sweet butter cake for this occasion and let the aromas fill your home. You can prepare various sweets and exchange it with families and friends to share the love and joy.

There will be a lot of sweets so it may be enjoyable to keep sweet-eating competition for the whole family. This can make you feel happy and excited for the whole day. Everyone loves to eat delicious items; even children like to have their favorite dish on this occasion. Prepare healthy food to stay happy and energetic.

  1. Exchange gifts:

The main reason for exchanging gifts and sweets on Diwali is to build the relation of love, sweetness, bonding, and to enhance affection between one another. Diwali is a day of sharing, but when you choose gifts for your loved ones, try to celebrate it as an eco-friendly Diwali. Gifts are the perfect way to express your joyous feeling for the one who is going to receive.

It is a unique way in which personal, social as well as business ties are made stronger. Make Diwali as the best chance to show your love to everyone who is very close to you. There are many options to gift like chocolates, sweets, decorative items, Diwali diyas and many more items.

Final Words:

Diwali is a time for reunions. It is one of the biggest festivals; Diwali means a row of lighted earthen lamps. The light could remove the darkness and exchange of gifts is the popular traditions of this festival.


Yummy Diwali Recipes For This Year

Desserts are the highlights of Indian festival. No celebration is complete without the touch of delicious sweets. It adds more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. Diwali light up your homes with these festive dessert recipes, also bright clay diyas, attractive lights and beautiful rangolis give a festive mood.

People celebrate all three days of Diwali by preparing and distributing a variety of tasty foods including sweet dishes. Lots of sweets, lots of delicious food that you are the tie to love festivals. Here are some best recipes that you can try at home and make the best of this Diwali.  Take a look at these recipes and have a delicious food for this Diwali.

Best recipes to cook for Diwali:

Diwali is the most favorite festival of India, and it is the great occasion to get together with all your near and dear ones. Children look forward to bursting the crackers and everyone will be happy to wear new clothes and items for the home to welcome goddess, Lakshmi.

Do have any idea about the best way to celebrate Diwali? Here is the answer; Diwali is the celebration of lights with gifts, sweets, and snacks to your friends and family to get a good hope in the coming year. There are many easy Diwali recipes to make at home and celebrate the festival in style.

Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun is evergreen and everyone’s favorite sweet dish. It is a home-made sweet which is made from Maida, sugar, milk. Compared to other dishes, making Gulab Jamun is very easy. It is one of the classic Indian desserts usually enjoyed during festive occasions.

delicious diwali

It is very simple to prepare this sweet, just take the required quantity of sugar and water in a pan, and give some time to boil on high flame. The sugar must dissolve completely. Next, add few milk and cardamom seeds to the sugar water also put a pinch of saffron powder for giving appetizing color.

Just take required Maida and baking soda in a medium-size bowl. Give good mixes of both ingredients add a teaspoon of milk and blend them together to make the soft and smooth dough. The dough should be very soft to avoid cracking while deep frying, heat ghee in a pan and cook until it becomes golden brown. Allow the balls to immerse in sugar syrup and rest for 30 minutes; it soaks well in that syrup. After that, the sweet will be ready to serve.


Paani Poori:

It is one of the best Indian street snacks which are loved by everyone. It looks very small, rounded shaped crispy puris, which is completely filled with various spices and water. Just make this recipe at home and fill it with spicy Paani. You can use boiled and mashed potatoes, chickpeas along with sweet and spicy chutneys for stuffing to enjoy this snack.

To make Paani, mix all the ingredients together make it cool for few minutes and then serve. To fill the stuff within the Poori, make a small hole in the center of the thinner side of the Poori and close it with mashed potatoes as well as chickpea to add a flavor.


diwali special


Now, you can pour Paani and eat the whole Poori immediately.  You can serve it either as a breakfast or lunch, it is a nice combination of Maida and mint leaves. It is a better snack for the evening of Diwali to make a balance between the dishes. You can easily make this fresh, flavorsome dish in a home.

Kaju Pista Rolls:

During Diwali celebrations, these cashew and milk based sweet truly make you happy when you eat. They are so easy to prepare at home less than an hour. You need cashew nuts, pistachios, ghee, milk powder, sugar powder, cardamom powder, condensed milk, and rosewater.  It’s very simple to do this, grind the cashews and pistachios gently into a fine powder. In a hot pan, add ghee and condensed milk, as well as powdered cashews, stir well to combine.

kaju pista roll

Then add milk powder, rose water, and start to cook this mixture until it becomes a soft dough. Now, stop the heat and transfer this to another plate. To make the dough, just mix powdered pistachios and other powders.

It must well mix with all the ingredients, after completing this process, take a rolling board and spread a sheet over it. Use a rolling pin to roll the Kaju in a rectangular sheet. Cut the whole sheet as your wish and make a Kaju Pista roll. Now, this dish is ready to serve!

Wrapping Up!

Enjoy the festive season with delicious recipes. Make sure you get quality ingredients and serve your loved ones to stay happy. Sweets are extremely tasty and perfect to serve in any occasion, festival, and other parties. It makes you cherish and happy for the whole day!


Amazing Ideas To Decorate This Diwali Superior

The festival of light is all about decorating and enhancing the festive touch to your homes. Wherever you look, you are greeted with pretty lights, lamps, and beautiful rangoli.  This festival of lights is celebrated and awaited occasions in India.

Lighting diyas, making rangoli designs, putting up lanterns are some of the ways to decorate your homes and celebrate this festival. So take your pick and start decorating! It is the time to cherish and decorate your home to add the cheer. You can always mix two or three ideas together and come up with something unique!

Decorative Lamps:

Diwali lanterns are lamps are available in a variety of shapes and it may be made from the material like brass, marble, clay, paper, glass etc. they turn the room brighter in an artistic manner. Diwali lamps are a wonderful gift for those wishing to redecorate their house. There is nothing as versatile as fairy lamps and lights. All you need to do is to pick a spot and start lighting up. The surrounding will look brighter and better for the whole night.


Candles bring a beautiful look to the surrounding with their light. It is available in different size, shape, aroma, and materials you choose should suit your décor need. The designer candle is a very important item to be marked in Diwali decorative items. It gives an attractive and illuminating look to the house and creates a calm as well as soothing atmosphere. It is also possible to light the floating candles in a glass pot filled with water and decorated by flower petals.

Diwali Diyas:

Diwali is celebrated with a row of lamps. Just brighten up simple diyas and candles with beautiful colors and glitters. You can make diyas more creative using flour dough, egg shells, fruit peels. Take the earthen lamps during Diwali celebration and also get creative paints with glitter.

Decorate them the way you like and light up the house with them. Instead of using the same diyas, you can add your own special touch and fragrance to diyas by decorating with bright flowers.


The traditional rangoli gets a twist as you can fix different elements inside the pattern like earthen lamps, pots, diyas etc. you can also get creative with designs you are making. No Diwali celebration is complete without a touch of rangoli.

You can use a combination of vibrant colors or flowers to fill the space inside the pattern. You can pick fresh flowers or use artificial flowers to fulfill the décor. These can be used to improve the rangoli décor or can be hanged along the door or just can be plucked and put in water. It is to give a floating effect.

Balloon Twine lights:

These lights give a beautiful and elaborate touch to your home décor. The balloon lights are simple and easy to make. Instead of just putting the strings get innovative with a light of bulbs. You can cut these into different shapes and attach them into individual bulbs. Door hangings are also important of all Diwali decorative items. These are used to decorate the entrance door to welcome the goddess, Lakshmi. As the festival is a traditional one, this light adds an ethnic touch to the home.

Wrapping Up:

The above-mentioned decorations are easy to make, and it can add a beautiful touch to your setting. There are so many ways to beautify your home. Hope you will have great fun to do it. Wishing you all a happy and safe Diwali!


Celebrate Diwali Like Lights Of Festivals

We are not going to celebrate just any trivial festival. We are about to celebrate the festival of lights. True to the name, it is very important for anyone to illuminate their home. Nothing can illuminate the world beyond the brilliance of the sun. So, we don’t have to think about the day and all we need to focus on is the night time. How can you make your home brighter when compared to your neighbor’s house on the night of Diwali? Here are some perks which you might need to keep your home scintillating in that dark night.

  1. Decorative lamps

Recent advancements in science have given rise to many types of lights which are especially used for ornamental purposes. It includes the colorful LED lamps which are available in rolls. You can get some of them and hang it over your home and make it look attractive. Don’t go for colors like white and yellow as they get seem to be dull. Select colors like red, green, blue, pink etc. Note that when you use blue color LED s due to scattering effect you’ll be able to see just blue rays around the LED lamp. But, that texture also adds beauty to which it is installed.

  1. Lanterns

Lanterns are not only popular in China, but also they have conquered the thoughts of folks in various countries. Basically, lanterns are bright lights which have been covered by upholstery. This upholstery is usually a paper, card or a stiff chart which makes various designs when the lantern is switched ON. There are also lanterns which are made up of mild garments. Garments with mild thickness can also be used as upholstery for the lanterns. If you think that you cannot afford that much money, you can go for glittering color papers to make a DIY lantern.

  1. Glass bottle lamps

There are glass bowls and small bottles which are sold in the market. Get some of them and hang it in front of your veranda. But what is the source of illumination for such lamps?  It is an ordinary clay lamp which is kept inside these glass bowls. Glass bottles are also used as DIY illumination, but how can you place a lamp from its top? Don’t get confused. The base region of the glass bottle has openings for that. When you hang those craft items, make sure you hang them in such a way that they don’t hit each other.

  1. Paper lamps

Paper lamps can be formed by arranging various modeled paper crafts around a lamp. Don’t use clay lamps for this purpose and I don’t have to say what will happen next. This kind of DIY crafts can be done around a light sphere to get a perfect result. You can also use the paper cups to form paper lamps. Some folks create various patterns in different color papers and place the light ball in the middle and the light produced by that DIY light would be mesmerizing. Try to do some DIY paper lamps also.

  1. Clay lamps

The lamps of this type are predominantly used all over the world at times of festivals. As the name suggests, clay lamps made of clay. You also have polished lamps which exist in the market. Although these lamps are cheap, it is good to check the lamp for any cracks and holes. Pour enough oil and arrange them along the length of your pavement and compound wall. The arrangement of such lamps in a line shall make your home look unique and well illuminated from other neighboring houses. Also, make sure that you don’t face your clay lamp in the southern direction as the south is the direction of Yamaraj. In case if your house is facing the southern direction, just turn your lamp and let it glow facing northwards. I hope that makes sense because people can see only the flame at night and not the lamp.


Popular and Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Decorating is always an interesting task for anyone in this world. No one in a house can keep themselves away from taking part in decorating their house. Decorating your house for this Diwali should be done in a different way when compared to any other Diwali you have enjoyed so far.

Decorations can be done by using different items like garlands, flowers, water fountains, DIY kits, dolls, banners etc. Note that these items can show their beauty only in the daytime. Once the daylight goes out, you should rely on lights to decorate your home. Don’t you remember that Diwali is celebrated at night? What are you going to do to illuminate your house on the night of Diwali? Here some tips which you can go through to make your home glow at night.

  1. Clay lamps or Diya

You may have emergency lights at home which you use when there is a power cut at night. Have you noticed that the illumination brought inside your home by a clay lamp cannot be felt when you switch on your expensive emergency lamp? From this, you can infer, that the illumination brought in by a clay lamp is always superior to the recent inventions. Arrange clay lamps or diyas in your compound wall, terrace walls, and wherever you think they might be suitable. The tiny dots of flames igniting your house when seen from a particular distance is really a fabulous scene to enjoy

  1. Lanterns

Apart from simple clay lamps, you can use lanterns with a transparent or translucent upholstery. Such lanterns which are covered display only the color of the upholstery rather than illuminating the house. Step ahead and hang many lanterns on the pavement of your house to draw the attention of all your neighbors. Remember you can also use brightly colored papered to produce vivid colors of light.

  1. Floating candles

As you know candles are ordinary household items which we use at home when the power goes off. But, do you know that they can be used for decoration purposes? Floating candles cannot be used outside the home because they need to be handled with more care. So, they can be used very well in your home.

Place a brass vessel in your yard. Light some candles inside a brass vessel which you have and pour some water into it slowly. A minimum amount of water inside the vessel can make your candles glow for a long time. You can also use flower petals to cover the surface of the water which provides the vessel with a splendid look.  Make sure that you don’t splash the water by any means and if you do so, the whole room shall be a mess.

  1. Rangoli

Another interesting technique to decorate your home is by drawing rangoli. Check out some gorgeous rangoli patterns from the internet and try it first on a piece of paper. If you think you can draw it well, then check your yard and match the size of the rangoli to the yard. If you think, you can accommodate your rangoli within that space you can go for that.

Precision is the main factor to remember before you start drawing a rangoli. So, try not to make any mistake while you draw it. Once you complete your rangoli with the basic color, then you can fill out the chambers with appropriate colors. Suggest warm colors in order to make your rangoli look bright.

  1. Flower decorations

Can you ever imagine a festival without garlands and flowers? Does that make sense to you? Certainly, your answer is a big no. Isn’t it? Try different types of flower stringing technique before Diwali arrives and make it work. I hope you need at least a week to learn a new stringing technique. Decorate your veranda, terrace, and pedestals with different colors of flowers to attract people.

Once you have completed your floral decorations I am sure you’ll have some excess flowers. Don’t worry! You can draw a small flower rangoli inside your house using those flowers. Probably, you can make your flower rangoli near your pooja room. Try not to make it outside your home because it can be easily tainted by the remnants of burst crackers and also the rangoli can be swept away by the wind.


BEST Diwali Gifts for Employees

Diwali is celebrated by everyone and it is considered the festival of light. It is the perfect time for employers of various companies to cherish the relationships with their employees and clients. Gifts are just a token of appreciation for making a contribution to the company’s development.

Gifts form an important part of the celebrations and are one of the main reasons people look forward to Diwali. Some of the usual gifts range from traditional sweets and assorted by dry fruits as well as lanterns, diyas and aroma candles etc.

Chocolate box:

An elegant chocolate gift box is one of the best gifts for employees. You can keep delicious chocolates with assorted flavors, now chocolate is becoming a more preferred option. It comes in very attractive gift packaging, which helps you to pack gifts as is. Most of the corporate offer options to give a personalized message along with the chocolate gift boxes.

There are chocolates with dry fruits, which will make your corporate gift to look premium. This particular category is catching up quickly. You can get a personalized gift box like scented candles, sweets, dry fruits, diyas, and more other elements.


Bluetooth headphones are popular as customized gifts, corporate gifts, corporate gifts for Diwali to clients etc. employees have positivity and goodwill to take home this festive season, these Diwali gift ideas for employees will stand out being in fashion. Headphones will be used every day to be the receiver; this will make your employee think of the company every time it is used.

USB, shot glasses and wallets would be some of the ideal gifts. Choose gifts that are based on the theme of the event on which you are gifting your employees or clients. On occasion of Diwali, some of the other great gifts could be pen drives, laptop bags, and promotional gifts that can satisfy the receiver.

Portable USB Power bank:

Smartphones play a main role in today’s modern world. This phone is not only used for just calling others, but also provide access to emails, messages, online audio and video calling, conferencing and many more.

You can gift them with a high-quality USB power bank if they want to have their smart phone’s battery intact. This will help to keep their mobile charged not on a daily basis, but will be highly useful when they are moving out. People will use these phones and tablets with lots of apps which can help them monitor their social networks, bank account and lot more. Smartphones have made you better.


Employees and the clients are backbones of the company; you can show your love and gratitude towards them with the crackers as corporate gifts. You can also visit our online cracker megastore for purchasing and placing the orders for all kinds of crackers. Shopcrackers offers crackers at lower prices than other stores.

It is best in the price range as the firecrackers are directly bought from the manufactures. Best is quality as only standard firecrackers are sold by Shopcrackers. We offer huge varieties of combo pack and new varieties of crackers introduced which are made for the clients to choose from. Just make a quick order through this website megastore and get quality crackers at lower prices.

Wrapping Up:

Think well and buy useful gifts for your employees and clients. Just keep in mind these factors that can help you to build a stronger relationship with them. Buy Diwali gift for employees with enormous gift items for making them happy.


Diwali Shubh Muhurats Timings for Lakshmi Puja

Diwali is the most famous festival of the year and it is celebrated to get good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Lighting diyas are kept in each and every house along with a colorful string of lights to sparkle the entire area. It is the celebration of life which offers enjoyment, enthusiasm, and goodness. This amazing festival of lights always comes on an Amavasya day. Because of Diwali, this Amavasya becomes more significant and is also known as Lakshmi Puja.

Lakshmi Puja:

It is the most important puja which is followed by Hindus; this is not only done in families but also in offices. Most of them worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for offering wealth and prosperity.

The right time for Diwali puja is after sunset which is known as Pradosh. Before you start the puja, clean the house and sprinkle the holy Ganga water to purify and adorn the area with candles, clay lamps, and rangoli.

Lit a Diya lamp and place it with sandalwood paste, turmeric, saffron and offer your devotion. This puja must be done together with your friends and family members to enhance the relationship with one another. After the completion of puja, distribute the holy sweets and Prasad to everyone and enjoy.

Shubh Muhurats:

Lakshmi puja should be done during Pradosh Kaal which starts after sunset and lasts for about 2 hours and 24 minutes. If Lakshmi puja is performed at the time of Sthir Lagna, then the goddess will stay in your home and it is the best to time to welcome her. Muhurats are based on location so you should choose the city before calculating Shubh Lakshmi Puja timings. Diwali puja is also known as Lakshmi Ganesh Puja because most of us worship these gods for showering blessings.

Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 16:57 to 18:20

Duration = 1 Hour 22 Mins

Pradosh Kaal = 16:18 to 19:17

Vrishabha Kaal = 16:42 to 18:20

Place the idols of goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on a platform of puja. Cover the idols with silk cloth and jewelry. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Lakshmi puja should be done during Pradosh Kaal and it is the right time to pray for wealth and prosperity. Everyone decorates their house for the festivities. People exchange gifts and sweets with each other. This Muhurats are good for traveling.

Final Verdict:

Devotees of goddess Lakshmi observe a long fasting on that auspicious day of Diwali; they wake up early to do puja at Shubh Muhurats. Perform Lakshmi puja with right Lakshmi Puja Vidhi. Have a fabulous Diwali!


When is Diwali in 2019- How to celebrate this auspicious festival?

Diwali is the most awaited religious festivals for Hindus in India. It is known as the festival of lights and it is celebrated on the day of Amavasya. Diwali will be celebrated for five days; the first day is dedicated to celebrating prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed into the home and gold is purchased. Diwali puja symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

The lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope. This festival involves million of lights illuminated from rooftops, doorways and it falls between mid-October and mid-November. Many people make a special effort to clean their houses before Diwali; they may also wash with fragrant oils, water and wear new clothes. The main celebration starts when we exchange sweets and gifts with one another, everyone lit a clay lamp which is important and is considered as Diwali symbols.

Diwali Date in 2019:

Diwali of the year 2019 is celebrated on Sunday, October 27. This date is observed on 15th day of the month of Kartika on the Hindu calendar and celebrates the festival of lights. This festival extends over the five-day period but the main festival occurs on Diwali night which falls on the darkest Amavasya night.

Diwali is a meaningful celebration; it is not uncommon for individuals to plan festivities in advance. This festival is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains across the world. It begins with celebrations and decorating homes to shopping for new clothes and jewelry, the five-day festival is all about fun, joy, and enjoyment.

How is Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is an important festival in India. It is celebrated with your near and dear ones by wearing new clothes, special treats, and meals. Devotees make offerings to goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha with hope for upcoming wealth and prosperity. Diwali is full of lights, crackers, sweets, lanterns, candles, and colorful lights around the house.

Loud firecrackers drive away the evil spirits and offer a good start for the year ahead. The quickest and easiest way to show that you celebrate Diwali is to light lanterns and candles in front of your house. During Diwali friends and families share gifts, sweets and also light with traditional diyas and decorate their houses with colorful rangoli patterns.

Make Rangoli Designs:

Rangoli designs are made using color powders and you can serve little birds and animals by using rice powder, turmeric etc. It is also possible to color the space with fresh flowers to add extra elegance and beauty to your home.

First, choose which design will be perfect for you to make. The designs should be attractive and impressive. Once you complete rangoli finish it off by placing clay candles around your design because Diwali is the festival of lights. Celebrate this festival together with loved ones and get the blessings from the goddess Lakshmi.

Final Words:

The festival of light is celebrated to attain victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Celebrate this grand festival with loud crackers, earthen lamps, sweets, gifts and many more. Make your loved ones happy by gifting them and exchange sweets with others to enjoy a lot more. Have a happy and prosperous Diwali!


Diwali Decoration Ideas For Home

It’s Diwali time! Are you getting your home ready for celebration? Cleaning, whitewashing, buying new materials to welcome the festival is a real taste of humor. Wait a minute! Do you think just by cleaning and whitewashing or painting your house you don’t have to decorate further? If yes, then you are wrong. I am not telling you to buy costly items to decorate your home, but you can use very simple items and make your own DIY decorative items for your home. In this article, I have listed various decorative features and ideas in order to make your home look better. Scroll your mouse for better ideas.

  1. Curtain lights

When you look at anyone’s house at night the first and the foremost thing which you notice is the light. Even if you are not able to see the light, you can see the illuminated windows. This is a common thing which happens to anyone. When it comes to Diwali, the houses shall be illuminated with extraordinary lighting features. How are you going to make the lightings of your house unique? Hope you have windows and curtains in your house. Hang colorful led lights vertically along the drape of the curtains so that the light would get mingled with the drapes and so it becomes more realistic. Try this for the upcoming Diwali.

  1. Flower curtains

Of course, your lawn would have a good number of trees and bushes and so far it had been looking green. Let us change the color theme in your park. Get some warm colored flowers which are bright. String them appropriately and hang them in your garden vertically and make a flower curtain. If you can, you can also go for patterns in your curtain. I am sure that your flower curtain will draw immense attention and make you feel proud.

  1. Torans

Not only the exterior but also the interior of the house needs adequate decoration. At the entrance of each door, you can simply hang two long garlands, one at each side which gives a feel of enjoyment to anyone who passes through the door. You can also hang torans at the entrance of the doors with attractive flowers and leaves. Traditionally, we have a habit of stringing mango leaves to make torans. But, today plastic torans are used to serve that purpose. In my perspective, it is better to avoid plastic torans and go for natural ones so as to get the blessings of the deities.

  1. Lanterns

Covering a small lamp with paper, garments etc can make a lantern. This patterned lamp when switch ON produces a particular pattern which gives a special outlook on your home. You can also go for readymade lanterns available at the market or you can make your own DIY lanterns. Some people make lanterns in plastic cups, glass bottles and in such other common items which they have at home. Such innovative ideas with common articles can also be welcomed.

  1. Rangoli & Diyas

Nothing can leverage the look of your house as a colorful rangoli in front of your home. Usually, houses which are available in the congested areas would not be admired by anyone who passes by. How can you attract people, if you are such an inhabitant? It is the rangoli and the Diya lamps which decorates your house in such a situation. Opt for bright colored powder for the rangoli and use them lavishly to bring out a better rangoli. Also, while lighting the Diya lamps make sure that they are arranged in an order to get a fascinating and appealing look.