How to wish Diwali in Different Languages

Diwali also derived as Deewali, Deepavali is one of the festive filled with custom rituals celebrated throughout the India by  lightning lamps, wearing new clothes, decorating houses with beautiful rangolis, clay diyas, preparing mithais and savouries, bursting colorful crackers and much more together.

Make this diwali unique by sending Diwali wishes in different languages to your friends, neighbours and family members. Here are some of the Diwali SMS in multiple languages.

English – Wish you all a Happy Deepavali

Burmese – sain tait u sai main galar diwali sandesh

Danish – Ønsker dig en glad diwali

German – Wunsch haben Sie ein glückliches diwali

Nepali – Tapā’īṁ ānandita Diwali icchā

Hugarian – Kívánunk boldog diwali

Irish – Mian leat a diwali sona

Japanese – Shiawasena diwari-sai o nozomimasu

Latin – Volo vobis felix Diwali

Sinhala – oba suba divāli utsavayak vēvā kæmati

Thai – H̄wạng ẁā khuṇ ca mī khwām s̄uk̄h diwali

Georgian – gisurvebt’ bednier diwali

Polish – Życzę szczęśliwego Diwali

Turkish – Size mutlu bir Diwali diliyoruz

Bangla –  Sakalkeyi Diwali pritio antarik subhecha.

Gujarathi – Tamē khuśa divāḷī māṅgō

Kannada – Nīvu santōṣada dīpāvaḷi viś

Marathi – Āpaṇa ānandī divāḷī icchā

Tamil – Iniya Diwali nalvazhthukkal

Tulu – Nikulu Materegla deepavali parbada shubhashya

Rajasthani – aap re ghar walo ne mari tharaf su diwali ki gani gani shubha kamnaye

Odia – Apana sabhinku subha abong anandamaya DIPAVALI ra hardhik subha kamala

Urdu – Deepavali ki dilli mubarakhbaad app sab khavateen o hazrat ko

Marwari – aapre sagla pariwar ne diwali ra ramasama karu sa

Kodava – Ninga eelariku santosha Deepavali

Arabic – Ninga eelariku santosha Deepavali

Chinese – Zhù nǐ pái dēngjié

French – Je vous souhaite une heureuse diwali

Greek – Sas efchómaste eftychisméno Diwali

Portuguese – Desejamos-lhe uma diwali feliz

Indonesian – Semoga Anda diwali bahagia

Italian – Vi auguriamo un felice Diwali

Korean – dangsin-ege haengbog di walli wisi

Malay – Berharap anda diwali gembira

Spanish – desearle un feliz Día de la Independencia

Dutch – Wens je een gelukkig diwali

Mongolian – Ta az jargaltai diwali Khüsch baigaa ed züils

Serbian – Želimo Vam Happi Divali

Ukrainian – Bazhayu vam shchaslyvoho Divali

Bengali – Āpani ēkaṭi śubha dīpābali Wish

Hindi – aap ek haippee deevaalee vish

Malayalam – niṅṅaḷ oru dīpāvali āśansakaḷ nēruka

Punjabi – Tuhānū ika khuśa dīvālī cāhudē

Telugu – Mīru oka dīpāvaḷi śubhākāṅkṣalu viṣ

Konkani – antu asile pura lokaku amgel kadechan Deepavali parbeche shubhashay

Bhojpuri – Raurake Diwali ke badhayi ho

Sanskirit – Shubhah Deepavalihi.. Sarve bhavantu sukhinah

Kashmiri – Tohi chuv Diwali hunz hath hath Mubarak. Diwali’ us pet tohi saarni mubarak. Lassun te Pahlun

Sindhi – Tawankhey , tawanje gharawaran and dostan khey dil sa dyari ju wadayu.

Malwa – Deepawali ki Ram Ram

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How Cracker Brings Enjoyment Among All Age Group People

India is a country with many religions , they often celebrate many festivals and the cracker plays a good role in any festive seasons. There is a lot of enjoyment among the people when it comes to crackers shopping and usually the markets are flooded with a variety of crackers under different categories during the festivals.

Many people burst crackers during the festival and the sky looks fabulous with the sparklers and it also showers the light, then the whole city looks beautiful with the fireworks. Everyone likes to include this as the part of their various celebrations and try to buy the crackers which will not produce smoke or noise.

The firework brings happiness among the people and when it burst,  it will produce different color that makes both kids and adult happy, so don’t stop the tradition of bursting crackers for any occasions. This is one of the Indian traditions and it is still liked by all age group people.

The cracker brings a lot of fun, and almost every country likes to burst crackers to express their happiness in different occasions. Every celebration brings happiness, but without the fireworks it is incomplete. So buy different types of crackers to spread more happiness in this Diwali festival.

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What are the Traditions of Diwali and their Significance

India is filled with lot of cultural traditions and customs in which Diwali includes most of the rituals and this festival is the only one that is celebrated throughout the India by all religions. Lamps with oil are lightened and placed in rows throughout the home and this provides the colourful appearance.

There are different kinds of lamps namely handmade earthen lamps, clay lamps etc lightened and places on the darkest place of home on every windows, doorways etc to illuminate the home and this means you are welcoming the health and wealth inside the household.

There are people who still follow some intriguing and interesting rituals and customs followed even after a lot of technological advancement today. Diwali is considered to be the weeklong fest but the diwali preparations will be all set before a week itself.

Before two weeks of Diwali

Everyone used to neglect the unwanted items from their home and clean their house to make it neat, span and spic. The reason behind the cleaning is the belief of Goddess Lakshmi enters and provide the blessing only in a clean home.

Keeping this in mind, people keep their home clean even in nook and corners, they decorate their home with flower strings, streamed ribbons, hanging, flower petals etc. Mothers will start preparing delicious sweets for the Diwali.

Few sweets that are prepared during the festival indulges savouries and Mithais namely athirasam, seedai, sev, gulab jamuns, kai murukku, payasam etc. These sweets are prepared with lot of care and love, the list gets differentiated based on the country and area.

On the day of the festive, these savouries and sweets will be presented to god and then distributed to all friends, neighbors and family members. At the first day, people used to get silver and gold jewellery as the first day is one of the auspicious time to get the jewelry.

On the day of Diwali

On this auspicious day, all people used to get up early and takes oil bath to cleanse the soul, mind and body. Front of the home will be decorated with colorful rangolis to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi.

New clothes are adorned and younger persons are advised to get the blessing of the elders to have a prosperous and healthy life. Fireworks are burst with lot of joy and happiness, this indicates that they are celebrating the success of Lord Rama and his return to the exile. Crackers lightings will fade off the evil spirits and bring out positive energy to the family members.

Exchanging of gifts and parties will be hosted to celebrate the diwali with more fun and enjoyment. According to the Hindu Fables, the unique tradition of rolling the dice is preferred which indicated that Goddess parvathi will provide the good fortune for the ones who are playing dice on the occasion.

In short, Diwali is filled with more customs, traditions, excitement and fun to bring a lot of good luck and prosperity. wishes you a very happy Diwali!  


How To Keep Your Pets Safe & Protected this Diwali

Diwali is the best time for sweets, crackers, lights, unlimited gifts and fun, families and friends jointly celebrate this festival together by spreading love and happiness. Though diwali bring a lot of joy and fun, the loud crackers noise threatens the pets and therefore there are high chances for your pet to fear and feel anxiety.

There are high chances for terrible accidents to happen for your pets, we cannot simply neglect diwali just for the sake for the sake of your pets, we can’t leave the tradition as like because this is considered to be the cultural heritage with lots of morals and values.

Taking safety tips can only keep your pet healthy and stop them from getting disgusted, you can make few changes in your household or implement few of the below steps to stop your pets getting threatened.

Separate Room

You can allocate your pets a separate room while bursting crackers, this can reduce the sound caused due to the crackers. The colorful flashes and lights also fear the pets and there are chances for sight problems too in the case of pets, hide your pets from these glowing glitters and flashes.


Make use of heavier and thicker curtains to avoid the shadows, the fact is that the animals are more sensitive to the huge noise and this will lead them in barking and trembling.

Morning Walk

The fireworks that are louder can causes damages to their ears and other physical problems, take them to the morning walk and leave them at their familiar rooms. You can also use thicker ear muffs, or any softer clothes to reduce the noise.

Keep away the fireworks

Make sure the pets are not moving out from the house, keep the crackers and other fireboxes long from the pets. Do not provide any ghee filled or milk sweets as this can cause gastric disorders and bowel problems which can bring adverse health effects.

Short Fur

Keeping the fur to be short in the Diwali and other occasions will keep your pets safe and healthy, there are also high chances for the pet’s hair to graze against the candles, crackers etc and leads to scars and burns. Burn crackers high where your pets will not reach it.

Do not stop showing the love and affection towards to your pets, make sure you are not doing anything that can cause threatening look to them.

Enjoy this Diwali and make it as a pet friendly one to have more memories and joy!


10 Golden Tips for Safer and Healthy Diwali

Diwali is fun but it’s mandatory you purchase it from some reputed crackers shopping site to enjoy the overall joy and comfort. Getting crackers from unreliable brand or sites can lead you to burns, injuries or other extreme conditions. To safeguard yourself, here are some of the golden tips you can follow to have a healthy and safe Diwali.

Tips for Safe Diwali

Keeping reading below to check out the tips you need to ensure for having a safe Diwali


Diwali is the festive of lights, new clothes and much more, while bursting crackers it’s important you wear cotton clothes, avoid wearing synthetic material to avoid major fire accidents.


Preparing different kind of sweets during Diwali is special, you can checkout colorful sweets which tempt you to have at least one and it’s really hard to resist. The truth is that Indians easily get through diabetes and its advised people to less the intake of starch and sugar.

You also need to stop intaking chemical preservatives indulged sweets as there are high chances for causing liver, kidney damage, cancer and asthma attacks.

Another important sweet to avoid during diwali is the sweets with silver coating as they are often aluminum adulterated which is one of the harmful metal that can easily get accumulated in body tissues and enter the brain.

The site you are purchasing

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Taking care of your children

Instruct your children and tell them about the crackers burn and how to burst crackers safely before they start bursting. Educate about child safety and other related items to protect them in the case of burns or injuries.

Fire Extinguisher

It’s good and useful if you are having a fire extinguisher in the area where you burst as there are high chances for fire to happen, you can also make use of a bucket of sand or water to tackle or protect an unexpected fire.

Diyas and Candles

Diwali is the festive of colorful candles, diyas etc which helps in spreading the happiness and joy among your friends, neighbours and family members. Make sure there are no inflammable materials near to candles or diyas for the safer celebration.

First Aid Kit

This is the first safety precaution that can help in any situations, first aid kits can help you from major injuries and can be treated immediately from home itself.

Avoid Closed areas

Its advised not to burst firecrackers in any closed area as there are high chances for massive hazards to happen in the closed area when compared to the open area.

Pet Safety

Most of them love pets, they do not like the sounds of crackers as they get frightened easily. So you need to sensitize your pet with some similar sounds to tackle the situation, do not leave the pets alone and do not keep any crackers near to the pets home.

Discard Used Fireworks

It’s important you discard the used firecrackers immediately so that you will not feel any hurts or burns due to it.

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How to Buy Crackers Online in Hyderabad

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Where to buy Cheap Crackers online

Festivals, occasions, and parties are incomplete without fireworks in India, and the cracker is considered to be the symbol of universal success. Especially crackers are highly preferred during the Diwali seasons, and therefore you can find crackers stores in your location only during the time.

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Fireworks that you are blasting needed to be safe and this can be possible by getting them new, old fireworks can cause many extreme situations, and there are high chances for injuries and burns. In this case, you can prefer to go with crackers online shopping sites so that you can get the new one as you order.

Are you looking for an Online Shopping Crackers Site Online?

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Why for affordable crackers?

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How To Buy Crackers Online In Bangalore

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The firework plays an important role in many celebrations to make it grand and the people believe that it will destroy the evil work by lightening up. Just image, without any fireworks do you think you can enjoy your festival completely? At the end of your celebration, you will definitely feel like something is missing.

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Best Website To Buy Diwali Crackers Online

Diwali, the festival of lights, crackers and sweet is considered to be the brightest and happiest occasion celebrated over all the India by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs for the cause of enjoying the triumph of good over the evil and also for the light over power over the darkness.  




Colorful crackers can be the best treat to your eyes on Diwali; some crackers can glow in the sky in different hues of blue, red, green, etc. to ensure more happiness.

You can check out brighter glitters, diyas, candles, lights all over the house and also the whole country gets to lighten up on the day of Diwali, and this year it falls on October 18, 2017.

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How To Buy Crackers Online In Tamilnadu

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Colourful Lights, sweets, crackers, New Dresses, happiness, etc. can make your Dussehra and other celebrations unique, Diwali is considered to be the one festival that is celebrated by all people throughout India.

Dussehra, Diwali, Pongal, etc. are very famous in all part of Tamilnadu; this festive helps in forgetting all your sorrows and enlighten you with new happiness. Diwali is known for exchanging of sweets, gifts to your friends, colleagues,  family members, etc.

There is a belief that this exchanging and happiness will help in accelerating the feeling of affection, love, and appreciation. There are many online shopping sites in Tamilnadu that helps in selecting the preferred things as per the comfort.

Crackers need to be purchased from some reputed brands to have a safe Diwali without any burns or injuries.

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